Three Essential Tips for Preserving Your Commercial Auto Upholstery


Correct maintenance of the upholstery in your commercial vehicles is critical for the preservation of the aesthetic appeal. If the interior surfaces of your automobiles accumulate stains and dirt, the space will become unattractive and repulsive to customers, workers and business partners. Also, dirty upholstery might promote the growth of harmful microorganisms, which might cause harm to drivers and passengers. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with the upkeep of commercial upholstery, you should consider using the below tips to keep the products in good condition.

21 March 2018

Piping Hot: Why You Should Choose Bent Pipes Over Welded Joints For Your Industrial Hot Water System


Industrial hot water systems are powerful, complex pieces of equipment to say the least, and whether your system is used for sterilising glass bottles, servicing a paper processing factory or simply providing heating and hot water to a large industrial building, you will want to keep it well maintained and free of damage and malfunctions. This means choosing the right parts for your system, and the stresses of channeling large quantities of hot high pressurised water mean that your choice of piping is particularly important.

15 December 2017

4 Reasons To Buy A Camper Trailer Instead Of A Pop-Top Caravan


Camping and caravanning holidays are an Australian institution and a wonderful way to enjoy the many beautiful attractions the country has to offer. Pop-up caravans have always been a popular purchase for families wanting a slightly more comfortable camping experience. However, there is an increasing preference for camper trailers in recent years. Here are four reasons why you might prefer a camper trailer over a caravan when purchasing a camping vehicle for your family:

18 June 2017

A Few Tips for Choosing the Best Canopy for Your Caravan

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A trailer canopy for your caravan can mean enjoying your time on a campground or caravan park more readily; not only are you protected from the sun but you might notice fewer bugs collecting under your canopy, and shade inside your caravan since the canopy will help to cover the windows. Since there is a wide variety of canopies from which to choose, note a few quick tips for ensuring you get the right one for your caravan.

15 June 2016

How to Keep Your Boat Trailer Parts in Good Working Condition


Most people disregard one of the most important assets when it comes to boat ownership: their boattrailer. When you go out on a fishing expedition with your friends or family members, you do not expect to spend more time fixing your boat trailer than catching fish. By maintaining your trailer in good shape, you are rest assured for an easy and faster launch of your boat. Here are the common parts you need to check on your trailer to keep it functioning in good working condition.

31 December 2015

Things You Need To Know When Contemplating Custom Seat Covers


When people think about vehicle seat covers, they typically assume that their main purpose is aesthetic. Although they do work toward enhancing the overall look of your car's seats, they also proffer other benefits for the vehicle owner. Most people, however, do not put much attention into the process of purchasing these seat covers and will typically opt for the first vendor that they come across. Here are some of the things you need to know when contemplating custom seat covers so as to ensure that both your needs and preferences are met.

1 December 2015