Piping Hot: Why You Should Choose Bent Pipes Over Welded Joints For Your Industrial Hot Water System


Industrial hot water systems are powerful, complex pieces of equipment to say the least, and whether your system is used for sterilising glass bottles, servicing a paper processing factory or simply providing heating and hot water to a large industrial building, you will want to keep it well maintained and free of damage and malfunctions. This means choosing the right parts for your system, and the stresses of channeling large quantities of hot high pressurised water mean that your choice of piping is particularly important.

You don't just have to pay attention to the types of piping used in your hot water system, however; you also have to decide how they will be joined together at bends and junctions in the piping system. Traditionally, changes in a hot water pipe's direction were achieved with welded elbow joints, but more and more boiler builders are replacing these welded turns with single, continuous pipes bent with mandrels or heat induction to create the correct angle.

Bending a metal pipe into shape may seem like a damaging process, but the end result is often significantly stronger and more reliable than even the most carefully welded elbow pipe. Here are just some of the advantages of replacing welded bends and junctions in your hot water piping system with bent piping:


Even the most carefully created weld is not structurally perfect, and tiny imperfections and air bubbles create barely-detectable structural weaknesses in the welded connections that join elbow joints to straight pipes. These small imperfections can become big problems when exposed to the intense heat and internal pressure created by an industrial hot water system, and many welded pipe joints fail at their welded seams and spring damaging, dangerous leaks.

Precision-bent piping, on the other hand, contains no welds that can form weak spots down the line, and are bent using precision tools that prevent the walls of the pipe from becoming too thin and weak during the bending process. This makes them highly resistant to damage caused by internal heat and pressure and professionally bent piping is therefore far less likely to suffer structural failure and leakage.

Low maintenance

All the welds in your hot water system's piping arrays must be inspected regularly by weld inspection professionals, and weak or failing welds can take your system out of commission for days or weeks while the fault is repaired. Professionally bent piping has far few inspection requirements, and can, therefore, save you time and money on professional inspections and modifications to ensure legal compliance.


Having a large number of industrial-strength pipes bent to the correct angles for your new hot water system is hardly a cheap endeavour. However, it can be significantly cheaper than ordering a large number of welded joints, as modern pipe bending processes tend to be far less time-consuming and labour-intensive than the most efficient welding processes, which are not nearly as heavily mechanised. Choosing bent piping over welded joints also saves you having to keep welders and weld inspectors on retainer, a significant expense for many high-intensity industrial processes. 


15 December 2017

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