A Few Tips for Choosing the Best Canopy for Your Caravan

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A trailer canopy for your caravan can mean enjoying your time on a campground or caravan park more readily; not only are you protected from the sun but you might notice fewer bugs collecting under your canopy, and shade inside your caravan since the canopy will help to cover the windows. Since there is a wide variety of canopies from which to choose, note a few quick tips for ensuring you get the right one for your caravan.

Be sure you know how to measure

Most canopy manufacturers will have different ways of measuring the width of a canopy; some will measure the width from the middle of the arms as they're extended, whereas some might measure from the outside of the arms as they attach to the caravan itself. If your measurements are off by even a few inches or centimeters, this might mean a canopy that isn't wide enough to cover all the windows of the caravan or one that's so wide that it bumps into the caravan door. Check on how each manufacturer measures the width of their products before you shop so you know you get the right size.

Note how to replace the material

Canopy fabric is usually very tough and durable, but it will need to be swapped out at some point; either it will get damaged beyond repair, or you might simply want an updated look. Note how to replace the material of a canopy before you buy; it should be easy to open one side or the front of the roller and slide out the old canopy, and then slide in the new canopy. If you need to attach the new canopy to the arms, roll it up properly, or otherwise find that it's very complicated to replace the material, you might opt for something simpler.

Look for a room and other convenient features

A room canopy can make for added space when you're at a campground; this offers walls for privacy and protection from the elements. A manual crank can mean being able to easily operate the canopy even if the power should go out or you stay at a campground with no power. Note if you need to drill your caravan to add the canopy; choosing one you can install without a drill will make it easier on you overall, and keep your canopy from damage. This also makes it easier to remove the canopy if you want to store it during the off-season for added protection.


15 June 2016

Free Wheeling: Updates About Car Accessories

Welcome. I'm a high school teacher, and one of my subjects involves teaching the driving safety program. Most students have just obtained their licenses and are enjoying the freedom and excitement of driving for the first time. it is both rewarding and challenging to help them navigate the dangers of the road. One of the fun activities we do as part of the program is to look at the various car accessories students use to individualise their vehicles. I am always amazed and sometimes slightly jealous of the new products that they obtain. Occasionally, I even buy the same accessories for my own car! I figured that there are others out there who get a small thrill from car accessories but don't always have time to research the latest offerings. Hopefully this blog will provide some inspiration and keep you updated. Please enjoy.