4 Reasons To Buy A Camper Trailer Instead Of A Pop-Top Caravan


Camping and caravanning holidays are an Australian institution and a wonderful way to enjoy the many beautiful attractions the country has to offer. Pop-up caravans have always been a popular purchase for families wanting a slightly more comfortable camping experience. However, there is an increasing preference for camper trailers in recent years. Here are four reasons why you might prefer a camper trailer over a caravan when purchasing a camping vehicle for your family:

1. Camper trailers are less expensive

Camper trailers range from basic models through to deluxe models. Their price range also varies but even the deluxe models are considerably less expensive than caravans. Camping holidays are so popular because they're a cheaper option than more traditional holidays. Opting for a less expensive camper trailer is a way to keep your camping holiday costs as low as possible.

2. Camper trailers are more compact to store

When you're not away on a camping adventure, your camping vehicle will need to be stored. Generally, people keep them at their home either in the driveway or in another suitably accessible area. Camper trailers are compact. When packed away, they take up no more space than a standard sized, general purpose trailer. By contrast, even when compacted down, a pop-top caravan will need a sizeable area to be stored in.

3. Camper trailers are better for towing

Camper trailers are smaller and far lighter than pop-up caravans, which means that towing them is easier. The lighter towing load also means less spent on fuel, which can be consumed fairly rapidly when towing a heavier pop-up caravan. Another towing benefit of camper trailers is that they can be towed by smaller vehicles and don't require you to have a large and powerful four-wheel drive.

4. Camper trailers feel more like traditional camping

Although camper trailers are generally equipped with a comfortable double bed and a fairly comprehensive pull-out kitchen, they still capture the feel of old-fashioned camping. The canvas overhead and the well equipped but still fairly basic setup lets you feel a little closer to nature than when you're in a pop-top caravan.

A camper trailer is a great investment for your family's future camping adventures. You'll be able to compare the different features on different makes and models and ask the experienced and knowledgeable staff any questions you may still have.

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18 June 2017

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