Things You Need To Know When Contemplating Custom Seat Covers


When people think about vehicle seat covers, they typically assume that their main purpose is aesthetic. Although they do work toward enhancing the overall look of your car's seats, they also proffer other benefits for the vehicle owner. Most people, however, do not put much attention into the process of purchasing these seat covers and will typically opt for the first vendor that they come across. Here are some of the things you need to know when contemplating custom seat covers so as to ensure that both your needs and preferences are met.

Functionality of the seat covers

One of the main reasons you would purchase seat covers is to provide protection to the original upholstery of your vehicle. Since seat covers are easily removable, they make it simpler for you to keep them clean rather than having to try to figure out how to thoroughly clean your original upholstery without damaging it or it taking too long to dry. Additionally, custom seat covers ensure that your original upholstery remains on immaculate condition. This goes a long way in maintaining the car's resale value in the event that you decide you would like to put it on the market. Lastly, seat covers can be used to cover up decrepit upholstery, thus sprucing up the interior of your vehicle. If you purchased an old car or if your vehicle seats have succumbed to wear and tear over the years, custom seat covers can save you from expensive upholstery repair or replacement.

Options available for custom seat covers

Although there are a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to the design of custom seat covers, they can generally be classified into categories based on how they are adorned on the chairs. One category you could contemplate are the slip-on covers. As the name suggests, these covers are basically slipped onto the individual chairs, and they appear similar to a fabric tube. These custom covers then have an elastic bottom, which is what is secured onto the seats so as to prevent them from moving out of place. The second category you could consider are the tie-on covers. These covers comprise of several bands that you would use to secure them onto the seat. The tie-ons are then knotted at the back of the seat. Ultimately, your choice will boil down to what you consider the most convenient option for your vehicle.

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1 December 2015

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