How to Keep Your Boat Trailer Parts in Good Working Condition


Most people disregard one of the most important assets when it comes to boat ownership: their boat trailer. When you go out on a fishing expedition with your friends or family members, you do not expect to spend more time fixing your boat trailer than catching fish. By maintaining your trailer in good shape, you are rest assured for an easy and faster launch of your boat. Here are the common parts you need to check on your trailer to keep it functioning in good working condition.

Bearings and seals

The wheel bearing is a very important component of your boat trailer. It frequently needs maintenance attention because every time you launch the boat, the bearing is submerged in water. They get warm when being trailed and cooled down when they are in water. The temperature difference creates a vacuum in the bearing causing water to be pulled inside. With time, the water washes out the grease completely, causing the bearing to experience friction. Frequently check and re-grease the trailer's wheel bearings. This will reduce any signs of wear and deterioration when they are submerged in water, and this will prolong the life of your bearing. In case of damaged bearings, it is much easier to replace them along with the seals and grease than to repair.

Trailer tyres

Each time before you launch the boat, check the trailer tyre pressure. Boat trailer tyres usually lose pressure more often than moving cars due to their long periods sitting idle or exposed to the sun, uses the correct tyre pressure indicated on the side surface of each tyre. Tyres do deteriorate from the inside with time. Check for cracks on the tyre. If the cracking is extensive, replace the tyres in pairs to keep the trailer in balance. Always check for treads on the tyres for excessive wear and tear, and finally, check the lug nut to ensure they are tight.

Wheels and brakes

Wheels last longer than tyres, but check for cracks or dents around the rims. Road debris can cause rims to crack and this lead to flat tyres. As is the case with extensively worn out tyres, replace any worn out wheels in pairs for stability and balance. If your trailer has brakes, perform frequent check-ups to make sure they are working in perfect condition. Make sure each wheel spins freely and breaks when the breaks are applied.


31 December 2015

Free Wheeling: Updates About Car Accessories

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