Three Essential Tips for Preserving Your Commercial Auto Upholstery


Correct maintenance of the upholstery in your commercial vehicles is critical for the preservation of the aesthetic appeal. If the interior surfaces of your automobiles accumulate stains and dirt, the space will become unattractive and repulsive to customers, workers and business partners. Also, dirty upholstery might promote the growth of harmful microorganisms, which might cause harm to drivers and passengers. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with the upkeep of commercial upholstery, you should consider using the below tips to keep the products in good condition.

Clean the Upholstery Regularly

You should clean the upholstery regularly to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime. You should also note that regular removal of dust will prevent the discolouration of the interior surfaces. If you have fabric seat upholstery, you can use water to ensure optimal cleanliness. For instance, you can use a steam machine for deep cleaning. However, you should be careful not to make the seats too wet because the drying time will be prolonged and damp stains might be prolonged. If it is not possible to steam clean the upholstery, you should choose specialty cleaners designed for the specific material. Most products will have a good effect, but it is still advisable to test on a small section first.

Treat with Appropriate Solutions

You should think about conditioning your upholstery with appropriate solutions. This type of treatment can protect the automobile seats and other upholstered elements from degradation due to harsh ambient conditions. Moreover, a treated surface will resist dirt and stains more efficiently. You should be particularly keen if your commercial vehicles have leather upholstery. If this material is not handled correctly, it will dry out, absorb moisture and become discoloured. You can prevent these problems by using a leather conditioner. This product will rejuvenate the leather and provide protection against adverse conditions.

Blot Out Spills Immediately

Finally, you should be diligent in protecting your auto upholstery against stains resulting from spills. For instance, drinks, blood and ink can cause permanent stains, necessitating reupholstering. However, you should note that most stains can be prevented if you take immediate action following a spill. Ideally, you should blot out the spill gently with a clean cloth instead of rubbing in the stain. You should also use some cold water and mild detergent to treat and blot out the residue from the spilled material. It is important to note that there are some stubborn stains which cannot be eliminated in this way. If you cannot handle the problem, you might need to consult an expert.


21 March 2018

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