Follow These Three Guidelines to Get the Most Life Out of Your Marine Batteries


Batteries are among the most important components of your boat. When you install and manage them properly, you can rely on your boat to serve you well every time you are out at sea. On the other hand, when you are not serious about the maintenance and proper use of your batteries, you will find yourself needing to replace them more often than you should. Here are some guidelines to follow to help you prolong the life of your marine batteries:

27 October 2019

3 Reasons to Choose Alloy Ute Trays


When you're choosing a ute tray, you'll usually have to decide whether to go for a steel tray or one made from an alloy like aluminium. Both types of trays essentially do the same things; however, you may find that an alloy tray has more advantages. What are the benefits of installing an alloy ute tray? 1. Driving Weight Alloy ute trays are typically a bit lighter than steel models. Alloys weigh less than steel.

29 March 2019