Follow These Three Guidelines to Get the Most Life Out of Your Marine Batteries


Batteries are among the most important components of your boat. When you install and manage them properly, you can rely on your boat to serve you well every time you are out at sea. On the other hand, when you are not serious about the maintenance and proper use of your batteries, you will find yourself needing to replace them more often than you should. Here are some guidelines to follow to help you prolong the life of your marine batteries:

Protection from Extreme Temperatures

One of the main reasons boat batteries fail is exposure to extreme temperatures. While it is true that marine batteries are designed to withstand rugged operational environments, they are susceptible to damage caused by excessive heat or too much cold. When the temperatures are extremely high, they will produce energy at a higher-than-normal rate. This causes loss of electrolytes and eventually increased discharge. On the other hand, the battery will work harder at lower temperatures, which also affects the discharge rate. The best way to protect your batteries from this damage is to keep your boat in an environment that is as controlled as possible.

Avoiding Poor Charging Habits

Another reason marine batteries experience a shorter lifespan than they should is poor charging habits. Most people damage their marine batteries during the recharging phase. All batteries have their unique recharge qualifications. If you put your own on an extremely high voltage because you want it to charge fast, this can lead to a shortened service life. When a battery is subjected to high voltage, it loses the elements which make it unique and powerful.

Avoid Using the Wrong Battery Types

Another common mistake that people make when handling marine batteries is assuming that any battery can serve any purpose. The batteries may have similar features, but that does not mean their uses can be interchanged. For instance, if you use a deep-cycle battery as opposed to a cranking one for your trolling motor, the difference in lifespan will tell you which is more appropriate. 

Other practices that will help you lengthen the life of your marine batteries include proper installation, proper on-board charging mechanisms, keeping terminals clean and free of corrosion and proper recharging after use. The essential point to remember is to always order your batteries from trusted brands and suppliers. When you start with superior quality batteries and battery accessories, the possibility of losing them before their time reduces significantly. 


27 October 2019

Free Wheeling: Updates About Car Accessories

Welcome. I'm a high school teacher, and one of my subjects involves teaching the driving safety program. Most students have just obtained their licenses and are enjoying the freedom and excitement of driving for the first time. it is both rewarding and challenging to help them navigate the dangers of the road. One of the fun activities we do as part of the program is to look at the various car accessories students use to individualise their vehicles. I am always amazed and sometimes slightly jealous of the new products that they obtain. Occasionally, I even buy the same accessories for my own car! I figured that there are others out there who get a small thrill from car accessories but don't always have time to research the latest offerings. Hopefully this blog will provide some inspiration and keep you updated. Please enjoy.