3 Reasons to Choose Alloy Ute Trays


When you're choosing a ute tray, you'll usually have to decide whether to go for a steel tray or one made from an alloy like aluminium. Both types of trays essentially do the same things; however, you may find that an alloy tray has more advantages.

What are the benefits of installing an alloy ute tray?

1. Driving Weight

Alloy ute trays are typically a bit lighter than steel models. Alloys weigh less than steel. This may reduce changes in the way your ute handles.

The added weight of any ute tray is likely to affect the way a vehicle handles on the road; it changes its stability. You'll notice that your ute drives a little differently after you install a tray, and you may need to tweak the way you drive to compensate for this. The added weight of a steel tray may have more impact. You may find that issues like drag and tyre wear also increase your overall driving costs. However, lighter weight alloy models have less impact on the vehicle. Any driving changes should be minimal.

2. Load Capacity

When you add a tray to your ute, the vehicle has to be able to take the extra weight of the tray and anything you load into it. There will be a limit to how much you can safely carry in the tray at any one time. If you install an alloy ute tray rather than a heavier steel one, you add less tray weight to the vehicle. This means that you may be able to carry heavier loads in the tray than you would if it were made from steel.

3. Corrosion Resistance

Your ute tray will get exposed to various weather and road conditions as you use it. It'll get rained and maybe even snowed on. Driving through a wet road or over rough terrain may exposure the tray to water and mud. Over the years, you may find that a steel ute tray starts to show signs of damage. Regular exposure to moisture or water may make the tray start to rust. Once this happens, you either have to repair the damage or, ultimately, replace the tray if it loses some of its integrity. On the other hand, alloy ute trays don't have this problem. Alloys like aluminium don't oxidise like steel does, so they aren't likely to get rusty. This could extend the life of the tray.

To find out more about alloy ute trays and their benefits, talk to your ute accessories dealer.


29 March 2019

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