4 Reasons to Choose a Flat Top Trailer with Independent Suspension


Flat top trailers offer the ideal way to haul larger or bulkier items behind your vehicle, but the range of options can make some drivers unsure which type will best fit their needs. One thing drivers often fail to fully consider is whether their new flat top should be fitted with an independent suspension system. These systems allow wheels on the same axle to move up and down independently of each other, and they can make a great addition to a flat top trailer.

Here are just four reasons why.

1. Added Capacity

You'll naturally want your flat top trailer to carry as much as possible, and opting for independent wheel suspension can help make that happen. Since independent suspension systems handle heavy loads so well, flat top trailers with such a system usually have a higher payload rating than a similarly sized trailer without one. Additionally, the fact that there doesn't need to be a continuous axle means that designers have a little more freedom when it comes to construction, so there's often more loading space.

2. Smoother Ride

Independent suspension systems help deliver a smooth and controlled ride since going over bumps won't rock the whole trailer back and forth. This is great for any driver, but it should prove particularly attractive if you plan on going off-road. Since any unpaved surfaces are going to make for a bumpier ride, it only makes sense to keep things under control with independent suspension.

3. Keeps Cargo in Place

Your flat-top trailer will come with several tie-downs to ensure even larger or bulkier items can be fully secured as you drive. To take stability even further, you can opt for independent suspension. Since the trailer won't move around as much as it goes over bumps, cargo is less likely to shift. Even if it doesn't move out of position, any additional movement can increase the chance of something being damaged. By choosing a flat top with an independent suspension system, you significantly reduce the risk of such damage.

4. Less Strain on Your Vehicle

When a trailer is jerking over bumpy roads, your vehicle will also be put under added strain. It will need to work harder to keep moving forwards, so everything from the tyres to the engine will be put under added strain. If you choose a flat top trailer with independent suspension, you'll reduce the amount of strain placed on your vehicle and help prevent any costly or inconvenient repairs in the future.

Visit an auto shop for more information on flat top trailers.


28 March 2023

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