A Guide On GVM Upgrades


One of the reasons you would want to buy a new pickup truck is that your current truck struggles to carry heavy loads. The gross vehicle mass (GVM) is the maximum weight that your vehicle can carry on the road. Several factors, including the axles and suspension, are used to determine the weight that a car can carry. If you wish to increase the GVM of your vehicle, you do not need to buy a new truck. Instead, you can consider a GVM upgrade to improve the truck's payload. Below is information on GVM upgrades. 

What Are GVM Upgrades? 

In simple terms, a GVM upgrade involves installing new suspension components to allow you to carry more loads. Depending on your needs, a GVM upgrade could include changing the coil springs, shock absorbers, linkages, bearings, and axles. Usually, the new components are tested by an accredited engineer to ensure they do not compromise the safety of your truck. 

Why Would You Consider A GVM Upgrade? 

Supposing you are a contractor, you can easily reach the maximum GVM when your truck carries the maximum number of passengers and a few pieces of construction equipment. On the other hand, suppose you are an offroading or camping enthusiast; your truck will need a ute tray and heavy equipment such as a water tank, refrigerator, recovery equipment, and camping gear. These upgrades could make your vehicle exceed its GVM. As such, you risk fines or accidents on the road. 

Considerations When Installing A GVM Upgrade

Consider these pointers when installing a GVM upgrade: 

  • Work with accredited manufacturers who make high-quality equipment. Check online reviews and consult with your mechanic to know how the upgrades perform.
  • Consult with the manufacturer to ensure that the GVM upgrade does not affect your existing warranty.
  • Consult with the state's transport engineers to know whether the intended upgrades are legal in your state. Moreover, inquire if you can drive the vehicle in other territories.
  • It would be wise to check the effect of the upgrade on your insurance policy. 

What Should You Expect During A GVM Upgrade? 

Once you visit the accredited GVM upgrade mechanic, they will assess your needs to determine a reasonable upgrade. Typically, they start by evaluating how you use the vehicle to establish the additional payload you need. After this, they test the truck to ensure it can bear the extra load. You might need to upgrade the braking and stability control system in some cases. After this, an engineer will accredit the works and issue a certificate.

You no longer have to worry about a small payload on your truck. A GVM upgrade is a sure way to increase the GVM of your vehicle without compromising its safety. 


28 December 2021

Free Wheeling: Updates About Car Accessories

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