3 Common Symptoms of a Neglected Hydraulic Tipper


When operating a dump truck, your transportation business greatly relies on a well-functioning hydraulic system and the right accessories to fulfill operations. That said, maintaining equipment on a tipper is a job that is often overlooked, especially when it comes to auxiliary components, leading to problems during operation. You must keep in mind that tipper operations can be a hazardous business. You want to minimise the risk of accidents by ensuring you have roadworthy equipment that operates correctly at all times. Read on to find out common lorry/truck hydraulic problems and their root causes. 

What's All The Noise?

Knocking, banging or screeching noises are often signs of problems with your tipper's hydraulic system. The most common cause for noise in tippers is the contamination of the hydraulic fluid. When air enters the pump's inlet, it leads to foaming and accelerates fluid breakdown, decreasing lubrication capabilities. If left unchecked, the contamination of hydraulic fluid can lead to component damage due to overheating. In some systems, the noise could result from incorrect hydraulic fluid levels, clogged filters or high fluid temperature. 

You Are Dealing With A Stuck Tipper 

When your tipper body won't go up or come down after tipping off the components, you might be dealing with a faulty pump, low hydraulic fluid, a dead battery or a faulty electric motor. The last thing you want is to deal with a tipper that won't come back down, seeing that you cannot drive under bridges or power lines to get to a repair shop with the tipper raised. Another problem with a stuck tipper is a body that won't stay up. If this is the case, you can try relieving pressure by bleeding trapped air from the system or checking fluid levels for leaks in the hoses. It could also mean that the load is too heavy for the pump to lift, and it may be necessary to offload some of your cargo to aid lifting. 

Slow Or Reduced Operation 

When your tipper body lifts slower than usual, it is an indication that you are dealing with a poorly maintained hydraulic system or failing accessories. A low speed will manifest in longer cycle times which is often a result of a weak battery or loose cables. If you are experiencing reduced operation, have your hydraulic circuit checked out for leaks using a flow-tester.

When properly maintained, hydraulic tippers offer great performance and reliability. Keeping your machine running smoothly also helps you avoid component failure and expensive repairs. To properly maintain your tipper's hydraulic system, also make sure you use tools and accessories from authorised dealers. Contact a company that sells hydraulic tippers to learn more.


28 October 2021

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