How to Estimate Roof Rack Weight


You can't put just any roof rack on your car. You have to calculate your weight limits and work to those. What do you need to know before you buy a roof rack?

What's Your Car's Roof Weight Limit?

Every car has a maximum weight limit that dictates how much weight it can carry on its roof. You need to know this limit before you start planning which roof rack to buy.

For example, if your car's manufacturer states that your vehicle can carry up to 100kg, then this is the maximum weight you can put on the roof. This weight will ultimately have to cover the weight of the roof rack and your average load.

How Much Does the Roof Rack Weigh?

If you have an idea of which type of roof rack you want to put on your vehicle, then you need to know how much the rack weighs. Roof rack weights vary depending on the size of the rack, its material and its design. For example, aluminium racks are lighter than steel ones. Basket racks are typically lighter than cargo boxes.

How Much Can the Roof Rack Hold?

Every roof rack has its own load limit. This weight tells you how much stuff you can put on the rack.

So, if a roof basket has a weight limit of 50kg, then you know that you shouldn't load it with things that exceed this weight. The basket might not be able to hold them securely and safely without breaking.

What Will You Put on the Rack?

You should also think about the things you'll load onto the roof rack when you use it. They add to your overall carrying weight.

In some cases, you might not put anything too heavy on a rack. For example, if you'll use it to hold light camping accessories, then you won't add too much weight. However, if you're a tradie who will use the rack to carry tools and supplies, then you might carry heavier loads.

Once you have a set of weight limits, you can work out which roof rack is the best option for your car and load needs. For example, if your car can take 100kg of roof weight and your preferred rack weighs 20kg, then you have up to 80kg to play with.

You simply need to make sure that your chosen rack has a weight capacity of 80kg or over. If it doesn't, you might need to choose a different product.

To find out more, ask roof rack suppliers for advice.


29 April 2021

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