Guidelines for Safely Using Car Trailers


Car trailers are useful for transporting items, for both personal and business use. When you are towing a car trailer, you will need to alter how you drive, and there are standards that you will have to adhere to.

Is Your Trailer Suitable for Your Car?

There are different weight recommendations for different cars. The weight restrictions for your vehicle will be described in the manual provided with your car. Your trailer will need to be within the limit provided.

Changes to Driving

When you are towing a trailer, your vehicle will be affected. You will not be able to drive to the same speed as you would without a trailer. Your brakes may be less effective, and your car will be more difficult to control, so it is important that you drive slowly. Your vehicle will use a greater amount of fuel. The larger the trailer, the more your car will be affected. This is why you must adhere to the weight limits provided for your vehicle so that you can drive safely and so that the risk of injury to yourself or others and the risk of problems occurring with your car are reduced.

Legal Requirements

There are a number of legal standards that you are required to adhere to. Your car and trailer should be registered, and they should also be roadworthy. Your trailer should have a number plate, and you should not use more than one trailer. The number plate and lights on the trailer should not be blocked by anything, including the towbar. No people are allowed to be in the trailer.

Fittings Required

Your car should have the necessary fittings for the trailer that you are using. This includes the correct towbar and couplings. Other features that may be required are electrical plugs, brake connections and mirrors. This will depend on the make and dimensions of the trailer.

Towbars offer different levels of loading. The weight that the towbar carries, at the minimum, should be the same number as that of the trailer. Most towbars will have a list of compatible makes and capacities printed on them.

Safety chains must be attached to the tow bar. A shackle may be used to join these together, but it has to be one that is suitable for the safety chains used.

The couplings used will depend on the type and size of the trailer. Couplings will also list which trailers they can be used with.


26 September 2018

Free Wheeling: Updates About Car Accessories

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